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I'm honoured to welcome you here, to my online home, where I share with you part of my personal story that led me to creating this safe space in the online world.

Having coached so many people over the years it's become apparent how misaligned many of us are in our lives, myself included. Fortunately, through my many years of experiences, up, downs and in-betweens, I now have many tools and strategies that I can call upon to realign myself when I know I am drifting out of alignment with who I am and who I am meant to be.

These experiences are what I share with you through my Aligned Achievers Academy, my Thriving Achievers Facebook Group and my 1:1 Coaching Programmes. All based on the 5 Pillars that I believe underpin the very nature of our lives and that were created to help you start to create a life that you desire, and so deserve, to live.

I'm excited to share my unique perspective with you - Click here to read my full story - and to begin to guide and direct you on your current and future life journey.

The Thriving Achievers Facebook Group

A FREE group for women who want to feel alive, who want to be aligned with their true selves & who want to achieve success in their lives & are willing to take the action to reach this success.

This Group is here to support, educate, & enable growth in all areas, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. It's a safe space, free of judgement, in which we can all learn, connect, grow, thrive and achieve together.

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What people are saying

Victoria Dosen

Victoria Dosen

I meet Louise over two years ago when we were going through a business coaching program for fitness professionals.  Fast forward to today and we are now Mastermind Partners working alongside each other as we grow our respective businesses. 

I can say without a doubt that Louise has been such an incredible force in my life and the voice of reason, gentle...but tough love, and clarity that I need when I'm getting in analysis overload and getting in my own way too much.

Louise has an amazing gift of intuitively knowing how to bring you back to center, help you work through the messy middle, and help you to recognize that your life is meant to be fulfilling, happy, and aligned with your soul's purpose!  She will make you see that your goals are absolutely achievable and she provides you with the tools and support necessary to make those dreams a reality!

I am blessed to have Louise in my life, not just as my partner in all things entrepreneurship, but also as a dear friend! 

Lauren Bradley, Owner and Founder of Fueled Physique

Lauren Bradley, Owner and Founder of Fueled Physique

"A few months ago I was struggling with my business and not knowing where I was going, why I was doing what I was doing, and feeling unsure of what to do next. Louise saw my post in our coaching group and instantly reached out to me to get more info about what I was going through.

After I spilled my guts, she shared her strategy for overcoming overwhelm, how to figure out my next best steps and she continued to follow up with me until I felt like I had my head back on straight.  And ladies- this is WITHOUT paying her.

I can't even imagine the level of customer service, strategies and knowledge she'll pass on to her paying clients. Book a call with Louise and get aligned. She's amazing, so supportive, so smart and can really help pull you out of a funk, or, simply level up your life!"

Mairi Taylor FABfitness

Mairi Taylor FABfitness

In the 7 plus years I have known Louise both professionally and personally it's been a privilege and a pleasure to walk beside her on her personal journey. Louise has shown tremendous dedication and passion to her personal growth and commitment to her education which she is now sharing so openly with her clients as she established her niche market and stands in her own power. There is no better coach and leader to have than one who has walked not only beside you but in your shoes too.

Mairi Taylor founder FABfitness

Loreto Espinosa

Loreto Espinosa

I met Louise in 2008 when I took my Exercise to Music Course,with Drummond Education, Louise was the Course Director. She is a very warm, friendly person who is very approachable and was  very understanding of my lack of English and she was very patient with me.

I was honoured when she asked me to manage her classes in her absence, knowing she is the best instructor I've ever met. It is a testament  to her ability as an instructor, and coach,  that I was able to get to such a level so quickly. Louise was and, still is, my example to follow as an instructor and I hope one day I can reach her level.

Debbie Bowyer

Debbie Bowyer

"Louise is a superbly knowledgeable, friendly and approachable coach.  Her classes are fun but challenging with a focus on teaching the correct technique.

She continually raises the bar and encourages her clients to improve whilst offering alternatives and adaptations to suit individual needs. 

Louise's nutritional advice, exercise plans, encouragement and support have been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals.  With her coaching and guidance I have improved my fitness, reduced my weight by 3 stone and most importantly maintained  this weight loss for over 3 years.  She has been a true inspiration and helped me to change my life.  "


Thank you Louise for your regular emails, I find them very inspiring and insightful.

Think I’m in a kind of burnout loop, and struggling to get through it ... your emails are helping, and I feel they are like my ‘on line life coach’. 

I just need the energy and time to get back on track! 

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